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A unique blend of expert hotelier and professional photographer
offering a comprehensive suite of services including


360º Virtual Tours


Profit from a professional outlook


Niche Specialist in Hotels & Restaurants

Elevate your online presence with captivating images and sales orientated virtual tour

Gain attention and increase conversion rate of confirmed booking

Drive your sales by showcasing your bedrooms, restaurant, meeting rooms, leisure facility and hall hire

Adhere to brand guidelines and stay on par with all competitors

Choose to show off your property in 360º virtual tour and stay one step ahead with trends

Unlock a new level of operational efficiency and management excellence with bespoke consultancy services


My little  CV

as a Hotel



I'm Prakash, with a rich portfolio in prominent corporate hotels, restaurants, and local pubs.

As a hotelier, I possess comprehensive expertise in hotel and restaurant operations, as well as brand strategies.

Understanding your specific quality needs and operational challenges from first-hand experience,

I approach hospitality photography with a unique insight distinct from general photographers.

My portfolio includes a variety of photoshoots and consultancy work,
showcasing the transformation of establishments from blueprints to bustling destinations.


Capturing the raw energy and transformation of a construction site to fuel the buzz surrounding a new launch.


Capturing the pinnacle of your hospitality venture's journey – the grand opening – through our expert lens.


A comprehensive and technically refined photoshoot that showcases the full spectrum of your hospitality offerings, from the inviting interiors to the captivating exteriors of your property.


A photographic testament to the dedication and expertise behind your property's facelift, showcasing the transformative power of design and renovation.


While rebranding is undoubtedly a demanding endeavor, the subsequent photoshoot is as meticulously executed as the post-opening phase.

About me

Meets Expectations


Outlook Focused Imaging

Why hire me?

An in-depth understanding of technical and operational intricacies of hospitality.

Worked with all leading global brands as well as individual boutique hotels.

Bespoke imagery solutions of all areas of your property.

Brand knowledge.

Flexible in working around operational timings.

Enjoy hassle-free image uploads to your brand website,, Expedia and other platforms.

Secure diligent 'Consent Forms' to protect yourself and your clients when photographing people.

Services provided for all sizes and locations.


Bundle up

Showcase your property

in an immersive 360º Virtual Tour

For Details & Quote,
check our VR website
Virtual 360º Tour

Consultancy services for

Revenue Focused Consultation

Hotels & Restaurants

Choose me as your consultant for a comprehensive B&I support. With over 23 years in the hotel industry, I offer expertise in project presentation, from analytics to real-time decision-making.

My range spans corporate rebranding, pre-opening project management, and precise handling of costing, financial strategy, and F&B operations. I specialize in food safety systems and excel in crafting menus, cost analysis, HACCP planning, and team coaching.

Qualifications: Diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Bachelor of Business Administration,

Level 4 in Food Safety, Level 3 in Health & Safety at the workplace, and a Diploma in Photography.

Key Areas of my

Consultancy Service


Maximize workflow efficiency and productivity by focusing on streamlined processes and facility planning.

Devising operational plan of all departments in-line with brand ethos and budget. 

Hotel Solutions

Productivity optimisation across vital departments like F&B, kitchen, housekeeping, and front of house. Services include hierarchy planning, budgeting, training, menu engineering, HACCP implementation, time management, and staff sourcing via agencies.

Sales & Marketing

Offering flexible freelancing solutions in sales and marketing for establishments of any size. Specializing in MICE, corporate, transient, leisure, and F&B sales strategies. Additionally, providing meticulous attention to social media campaigns to elevate your brand presence.

Food Safety | H&S

With expertise in food safety, health & fire safety, I ensure legal compliance for your business. Offering comprehensive safety training at all organizational levels, keeping your business within regulatory boundaries.


We'll professionally support your goals. Entrust us to create and manage a website reflecting your essence and sophistication. Utilizing SEO, captivating virtual tours, photos, and videos, we'll enhance your online visibility.

Bed and Breakfast

Leading Clients

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Hotelgrapher is a trading name of Protrait Ltd. Company number 12466341


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